Products for the Entire Family
Products based on natural ingredients for external and internal use that are suitable for all the family and should be in every home.
These products can be used externally to eliminate and prevent lice, repel mosquitoes and sooth mosquito bites, heal burns and irritation after shaving.
Internal treatment for rheumatism by swallowing a natural tablet that helps repairing the cartilage and easing the pain.

Price: 25.00 $
100% pure Rose Hip oil exetracted by cold pressing.
Price: 20.00 $
Price: 4.00 $
100% natural head lice treatment spray.
Price: 8.00 $
Natural head lice prevention shampoo. SLS free.
Price: 9.00 $
Natural roll on for use after mosquito bites.
Price: 6.00 $
Natural roll on for prevention of mosquito bites.
Price: 6.00 $
Total: 4