About Us

Shavit Import, Export Ltd. was founded in 2000 by Aliza and David Shavit.
The company specializes in developing all-natural beauty products and intended to nurture the skin and treat a wide-array of skin and hair conditions.
The products are produced in a subsidiary of Shavit's Company which was granted international relevant certifications, including from the Israeli Ministry of Health.
Shavit's R&D department comprises pharmacists, biologists, and naturopaths with extensive experience and knowledge.

The unique formulae, being human and environment friendly, and scientifically proven make these products so effective.
All the raw, natural ingredients are carefully chosen. Some come from organic, ecological harvests.

These products consist high concentration of natural active ingredients. They contain no harmful chemical ingredients which may cause allergies, derivatives of crude oil, no animal-derived products, and were not tested on animals.

Shavit products are sold in Israel in the SuperPharm Chain, Eden Teva Market, pharmacies, and drugstores.
These products enjoy much success in the US, Canada, and Hungary since 2010.

We keep expand our business abroad and entered Ukrainian market in 2014. Our official exclusive distributor is " Le Naturel Farm Ltd "  (naturfarm2014@gmail.com)