Our Vision

We look for a real connection between nature and people, creating harmony between science and nature. We have developed and continue to develop ecologic, natural beauty products for the skin and hair by employing cutting-edge. It is necessary to exploit the potential embedded in nature for our health and the environment in which we live, and therefore, avoid using harming chemicals and artificial industrial ingredients as much as possible.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. It can look wonderful at any age. Our awareness for a healthy lifestyle is concerned with the nutrition we consume. Moreover, it should include the products which we use to wash our body, hair and apply to our skin every day.

Skin is the largest organ in the body. Chemical substances, even in the smallest concentration, are absorbed in the blood and impact our health in the long run.

The healing properties of medicinal plants were known since the beginning of history. We, at Shavit, employ the most advanced technologies and scientific studies to produce advanced formulae comprising natural ingredients with no side effects for use in a long period of time. Our products were not tested on animals.

Our choice to live healthy is concerned with many different areas of our lives, from the food we consume, the products which we use to wash our bodies and apply to our skin.
We think that the benefits of natural resources should be used for our health and the environment in which we live and avoid, as much as possible, using harming chemicals and artificial substances.

We are proud to offer you pure beauty products that are healthy and environmental-friendly with much love, while following fair trade principles.
We have no doubt that you will feel the difference and enjoy the change in your outward appearance.