David Shavit, the logistics manager and FCO000

Bachelor degree in the History of the Land of Israel, geography, and human environment from Tel Aviv University. David loves to travel, study nature's treasures worldwide, adores our tiny and diverse country who is highly active socially.

Aliza Shavit, the R & D manager

Community pharmacist for 26 years.
Graduate of the pharmacy school of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well a graduate of the nature sciences from Tel-Aviv University. Aliza also studied medicinal plants, homeopathy, pharmacology, botany, and treating skin illnesses, is highly experienced in treating chronic skin problems, acne, and slowing down the skin aging.

On a personal note

I became interested in skin conditions and pharmacology at the age of seventeen when psoriasis stroke me. At that time, I felt like my world had crumbled. In retrospective, I believe that this was the catalyst that lead me to choosing my profession in life.
Following my pharmacology studies, I began working in the profession. I then realized the immense damage caused to me by treating my disease with steroids. So I became interested in natural pharmacy.

The idea to found Shavit Company, a company that offers complementary medicine products and natural cosmetics, came at a later stage in my life when I decided to apply the extensive knowledge and experience I obtained as an entrepreneur.

This seemingly strange idea began to take shape with the encouragement and help that I have received from David, my husband and companion for life and work, the favorable feedback that I received from my family and friends, who were the first to try these products.

My greatest satisfaction is to see people smiling when they heal from a certain problem ailment.
The touching "thank you" letters that we have received from our loyal customers are the driving force pushing us onwards, keep us developing and producing these products. There is no substitute for these positive energy that we receive from you.